Netherlands again invites European Commission to sharpen the tyre limits.

The 14th of July 2017, the Netherlands ministry of Infrastucture and Environment sent a letter with a background document β€˜Tyres in Europe’ to 4 director generals in Brussels. The ministry is keen on more strict tyre limits for many reasons, especially the potential CO2 reductions that could be gained. The background document shows what limits could be strived at for the short and longer term and what the potential benefits could be the result of more tight limits. Besides the tyre limits the Netherlands point at the problem of underinflation of tyres and tyre wear (microplastics). The document Tyres in Europe not only analyses the problems but also explores possible solutions. The deputy director-general of the Dutch ministry, mrs Anita van der Ende, ends her letter by saying: β€œIt is my conviction that at a time the EU is not taken for granted the European Commission could win the hearts and minds of European citizens with appropriate tyre measures.” With that phrase she points at the financial gain all EU car drivers would experience using better and proper inflated tyres.

N.B. The plea of the Netherlands refers also to include tyre measures comparable to the ones in the Declaration on Best Tyres in the upcoming revision of the Directive on Clean Vehicles.

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