The Declaration on Best Tyres  is meant to raise awareness  on the importance of using the best possible tyres and maintain the correct tyre pressure. The intention is to speed up the use of Best Tyres and to reap the potential benefits, starting with the car fleets of the signatories. The Declaration can be found here.  You are invited to sign this declaration and send the signed Declaration to

The Declaration on Best Tyres can be signed by cities, regional authorities or third parties. A letter signed by Mr Pex Langenberg, vice-mayor of Rotterdam, inviting cities and other parties to join and sign this Declaration has been sent to the potential participants in may 2016. The Declaration signatories undertake to:

  • make all possible efforts to provide its car fleets with Best Tyres, when leasing or buying vehicles;
  • use Best Tyres when replacing worn tyres in their car fleets;
  • check the tyre pressure of the car fleets every two months;
  • promote the use of Best Tyres among residents, companies and institutes in their cities and regions.
  • report the progress of the implementation of Best Tyres in their car fleets every two years, starting from 2018.